Victorino impresses master of Fenway's right field

Victorino impresses master of Fenway's right field
March 4, 2014, 12:15 am
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In 2013, in his first season with the Boston Red Sox, spending his first year negotiating the idiosyncratic right field of Fenway Park, Shane Victorino won a Gold Glove.

With Dwight Evans, considered to have played right at Fenway better than anyone else and himself a multiple Gold Glove winner, still around the team as an instructor in spring training, Evans must have schooled Victorino to get him ready last year, right? Not exactly. The two had one brief conversation about playing right at Fenway on Opening Day.

Victorino, normally a center fielder, who hadn’t been a full-time right fielder since 2007, just figured it out.

"Well, last year they wanted me to talk to him in spring training, and I never got the opportunity," Evans told "I was up there Opening Day, and he looks at me and he goes, 'I'm supposed to talk to you about right field.'"

And so they spoke for a little bit. Evans told Victorino about aligning himself with Pesky’s Pole, which sits 302 feet from home in the front corner of right. Victorino replied that was just what he was thinking. So Evans could tell that the new right fielder was going to be all right.

“He knows all this stuff,” Evans said. “I can't teach him anything. He's a great right fielder. Fenway Park has the biggest right field in all of baseball. But he does a great job and I'm proud of him."

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That doesn’t mean the two won’t talk about how to get the job done. Even after 10 major league seasons, Victorino still seeks knowledge.

"I always want to learn," Victorino said. "I never think that I know it all. I always want to learn and pick a guy's brain like that who had a lot of success and was probably one of the best right fielders in the history of Fenway Park.”