Wieters' endurance impresses Peter King

Wieters' endurance impresses Peter King
September 23, 2013, 3:30 pm
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Sports Illustrated’s Peter King is not only the magazine’s football guru, he’s a big baseball fan, too, King is a Red Sox fan and often mentions baseball is his columns.

King attended last Tuesday’s Orioles-Red Sox game at Fenway Park, and in between opining about the NFL weekend, he wrote about Matt Wieters in "Monday Morning Quarterback":

“Also hard to not have admiration for Baltimore catcher Matt Wieters (who has sat 20 games all season) after his four-day stretch in Boston and St. Petersburg last week. Wieters caught four days in a row (big deal) and four full games—two nine-inning games, as well as 12-, and 18-inning games. He never came out. All on the road, all with wild-card-race pressure, and the 18-inning job after the Orioles arrived at their St. Petersburg hotel after 3 a.m. Friday from Boston. The totals:
Innings caught: 47.

Hours between first pitch of Game 1 and last pitch of Game 4: 79.
Batters faced: 190.
Pitches called: 748.
Different pitchers: 14.
Passed balls: 0.
Errors: 0.