A World Series with nearly everything

A World Series with nearly everything
October 28, 2013, 8:45 am
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An obstruction ruling to score the winning run? A pickoff to end the game? What’s next?

The World Series is turning into one of the most talked about in years. There haven’t been as many great fielding plays as ones just to talk about.

Two teams thought to be fundamentally sound have combined for 11 errors in the first two games—seven by the Red Sox. During the regular season, Boston made 80 errors, just under one in every two games. They’re averaging nearly two per game, and are tied with the Cardinals at 2.

Beginning with the Red Sox’s sweep over St. Louis in 2004, just two of the nine World Series have lasted six games. 2011’s was the first seven-game World Series since 2002.

From 1985-2002, there were seven Series that went the limit and four more that lasted six. It’s about time we savored a Series.

There always have to be fringe players that decide these games. Jonny Gomes, who was playing in place of the banged-up Shane Victorino, hit a decisive three-run home run. In the first four games, there have been just four home runs—and nearly three times as many errors.

Down by two runs with two outs and Carlos Beltran at the plate, pinchrunner Kolten Wong was picked off by Koji Uehara, and the Series was tied.

Jon Lester and Adam Wainwright go in Game 5, and the betting here is that the Cardinals play a more fundamentally sound game.

Game 6 is Wednesday night at Fenway Park.