Yankees need not worry about free agent market for Robinson Cano

Yankees need not worry about free agent market for Robinson Cano
November 21, 2013, 11:15 pm
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Robinson Cano has told the Yankees he wants a 10-year, $300 million deal. But here’s the problem for Jay Z and the rest of the All-Star second baseman’s representatives: There’s no one to force the Yankees to do it.

Club president Randy Levine has told Cano’s camp he’s ready to talk when they can discuss something more realistic. Levine and the Yankees can afford to take that approach because who is out there that is going to give free agent Cano such a contract?

This is laid out quite well at the Sports on Earth site by Marc Normandin. He sums it up like this: “Robinson Cano is a man with more talents than suitors.”

Normandin runs down the usual suspects and finds them all not dealing in on this game.

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*Mets: Having given David Wright a seven-year, $127 million contract, they don’t want another nine-figure player on the roster.

*Tigers: As you may have heard, they just picked up Ian Kinsler from the Rangers for Prince Fielder, so second base is taken.

*Rangers: They have top prospect Jurickson Profar to replace Kinsler.

*Red Sox: Dustin Pedroia isn’t going anywhere.

*Dodgers: Part-owner Magic Johnson said of Cano: “That … guy in New York is going to get paid. Not by us, but he's going to get paid."

*Angels: With all that money tied up in the suddenly less productive Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton, it’s hard to imagine their being in the running.

As Normandin writes: “Notice a trend here? Anyone with money, or who should have money, is otherwise occupied and has no interest in Cano. Or, at least, not the kind of interest that will get the Yankees to sit up and pay attention.”