Youkilis going back on market

Youkilis going back on market
October 30, 2013, 12:00 am
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Remember Kevin Youkilis? Used to play for one of the teams in the World Series? Was supposed to step in and take care of the Yankees at third base?

As things turned out, Youkilis barely made an impression in 2013. Back woes limited him to 28 games, fewer than the guy he was supposed to replace, Alex Rodriguez.

But now that he’s pocketed $12 million for his one season as sort of a Yankee, Youkilis is back on the free-agent market. And just in time, he’s healthy.

“He’s fine,” his agent, Joe Bick told the New York Daily News. “Had the Yankees made it to the postseason, there’s a pretty good chance he would’ve been ready to play. He shouldn’t have any issues whatsoever going forward. It’s a normal offseason, just try to figure out where he’s playing.”

The Yankees may well be having an issue with third base again in 2014. Might they want to give Youkilis another try? Bick said he hasn’t heard from them, and the News said their interest is uncertain.

Anyone else? Youkilis turns 35 in March. In a half-season with the White Sox in 2012, he hit 15 home runs, though he hasn’t batted .300 since 2010 for the Red Sox. He’ll still draw enough walks, though, that his on-base percentage will be about 100 points higher than his batting average.

We’ll see whether that’s enticing at all to a team that’s expecting to find that it’s starting third baseman is going to be suspended for all of 2014.