Youkilis to the Yankees?

Youkilis to the Yankees?
December 11, 2012, 1:30 am
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Here’s another bit of fallout from Mark Reynolds’ signing with the Indians: Youk the Yankee?

The Yankees already have offered Kevin Youkilis, who was traded from Boston to the White Sox last season, a one-year contract worth $12 million. Baseball observers figure that the Indians’ deal with the former Orioles first baseman gives Youkilis one fewer choice for a free-agent landing spot. The Yankees are still looking for someone to play third base while Alex Rodriguez recovers from hip surgery. They’re willing to shell out a big contract, but only for one year.

Youkilis’ agent told that his client is “seriously considering” the Yankees’ offer.

And would it be odd for Youkilis, a longtime Yankees nemesis while with the Red Sox, to join the former pinstriped enemy? Probably not, according to someone who has been part of the rivalry himself for a while, Boston slugger David Ortiz.

“It’s like I tell people, at some point in their career, we don’t get picky,” Ortiz told the New York Daily News. “Take the opportunity that we can get. If that’s what he can get, go forward.”