49ers' Moss accepts, if not embraces, his role

49ers' Moss accepts, if not embraces, his role
January 29, 2013, 11:45 pm
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On Super Bowl Media Day on Tuesday in New Orleans, the same day that the 49ers’ Randy Moss declared himself the greatest receiver ever — causing jaws to drop among anyone who has even heard the name of Jerry Rice —Moss also said he’s not thrilled by how little he gets the ball in the San Francisco offense, but you know, whatever.

“I don’t like my role; I don’t,” Moss said, as reported by Pro Football Talk. “I like to be out there playing football. One thing that I’ve always had to really understand was being a decoy. It was put to me, [Moss’ former coach in Minnesota] Dennis Green just said, ‘Even though the football is not in your hand, you’re still out there dictating how the defense is playing the offense.’ It took me a while to really understand where he was coming from. Later on and now in my career, I understand that my presence out on the field, I don’t always have to touch the ball to be able to help the offense score touchdowns.”

Moss, 35, had 28 catches in the regular season with three touchdowns.

“Like I said, I don’t really like that, but it’s something that I’m used to. I have to grow to understand and grow to like it. I’ve always been a team player. I’ve never been about self. Anything that is going to push our team to victory and hopefully win a Super Bowl, I’m willing to do.”

Apparently he made the “team player” and not being “about self” remarks with a straight face.