Anatomy of Omar Brown's first sack

Anatomy of Omar Brown's first sack
December 26, 2012, 1:30 pm
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With the Ravens thin on defense because of injuries, Omar Brown played snaps for the first time.

He only was on the field for 4 defensive snaps vs. the New York Giants last weekend, but linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo made sure the rookie was in the right spot.

“We had a particular blitz dialed up, and our blitzes are predicated on formation. So, one of the guys is telling me, ‘No, I’m not blitzing, no, you’re blitzing, no you’re blitzing, I’m going to go cover the quarterback, and that’s what we’re going to do,’ and then actually, that guy got the sack,” Ayanbadejo said of his back-and-forth with second-year cornerback Chykie Brown and safety Omar Brown. “It was Omar who got the sack.”

The Giants were trying to mount a comeback in the third quarter of a game they'd lose 33-14, and Brown dropped Eli Manning for a 9-yard loss on 3rd-and-10.

Going into the game, Manning had been sacked just 15 times all season. The Ravens sacked him three times.

“He’s a first year player, playing in his second game of his career, and he got a sack," Ayanbadejo said of Brown. "It’s funny though, the 36-year-old guy is out there being the field general and telling these guys what to do. It’s a scheme defense, so you really have to communicate. It’s not just about the X’s and O’s, it’s about the guys out there talking and communicating. We really shine when we do that.”

Brown played for the first time in the previous week’s loss to the Denver Broncos, but he only was on special teams.

Ayanbadejo had been filling in the starting lineup for linebacker Dannell Ellerbe, who returned after missing three games because of an ankle injury.

After Haloti Ngata sacked Manning in the second quarter for a 15-yard loss, it was Ayanbadejo’s turn. He got to Manning just before halftime for a 7-yard loss.

It was his first sack of the season, too.