An anniversary best forgotten

An anniversary best forgotten
March 30, 2013, 5:30 pm
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This week marked the 29th anniversary of the night the Colts snuck out of town. Under the cover of darkness, they ran away to Indianapolis to make owner  Bob Irsay a richer and happier man. 

For a long time, people in this city were furious with Irsay and how he did what he did. But now, even though people remain angry, everything's finally fading. 

That's because of the Ravens.

They've become so popular in this town that it almost wipes out where the Colts once were at. I didn't think that would ever happen, but it's there now. Yes, winning two Super Bowl titles certainly helped matters, but whatever worked, this is a Ravens' city now. 

The people in Cleveland still have many of the same feelings towards Art Modell for his leaving town, which is understandable, but they got a team and to keep their history. To me, that's a very big difference.

The city of Baltimore got very lucky in this situation. Modell and later Steve Bisciotti made this one of the best-run franchises in all of sports. Players love to play here; coaches want to work here. The team constantly gets good players and easily re-loads when needed -- that's what you're seeing this season. 

Still, what's interesting to me is how the city of Baltimore doesn't really care as much any more about what once was here with the Colts. 

The city used to live and die with the Colts. Those days are truly gone now because the Ravens certainly have taken their place. We'll always remember the cowardly way the Colts left town. It's just that now, Baltimore folks realize that they got the better end of the deal, even though it took a little while to complete.