Antonio Brown critical of ex-Steelers teammate Ryan Clark

Antonio Brown critical of ex-Steelers teammate Ryan Clark
April 28, 2014, 4:30 pm
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When Ryan Clark walked out of the door from the Pittsburgh Steelers, Antonio Brown apparently wasn’t there waving goodbye. More along the lines of slamming the door shut.

The Steelers let Clark, a veteran safety, leave via free agency — he signed with the Washington Redskins — but this offseason Clark talked about how some of Steelers would use marijuana as a pain reliever in lieu of normally prescribed painkillers. To the Pittsburgh wide receiver’s ears, that sounded like somebody getting ready for a move into the media after football.

“He's getting into his career as a reporter and trying to get those things in the works,” Brown told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I don't think he meant any harm taking those shots to players as individuals, I just think he was trying to make pointers and make himself sound smart on ESPN.”

But Brown also said even before he left, Clark was talking like a guy who was headed out.
“When you see things like that, it shows you how guys feel when they're not part of the team anymore,” Brown said. “It's a form of bitterness or taking a shot at the team because you're not there anymore.”

Clark responded via Twitter: “My family babysat for Antonio and my wife planned his son's birthday party. He's not smart enough to realize what a good teammate is! … We all have opinions. I'm not bitter and I'm not mad at him. Wish him the best!"

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