Are the Ravens ready for the Bills' read option?

Are the Ravens ready for the Bills' read option?
September 27, 2013, 7:00 am
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How are the Ravens planning for E.J. Manuel?

EARLY BIRD: Waking up with the Ravens on Friday, two days before their road game against the Bills.

Two-minute topic: Are the Ravens ready for the read option run by Bills rookie quarterback E. J. Manuel?

OWINGS MILLS - The Bills are taking advantage of Manuel’s mobility, incorporating the read option into their playbook this season.

Most of the time, Manuel hands off to C. J. Spiller out of the read option. Manuel has rushed just 13 times in three games, gaining 76 yards. However, Manuel’s ability coupled with Spiller’s explosive speed gives the Bills’ potential to make big plays, especially if the Ravens make a defensive mistake.

“There’s just so many things you can do off it (read option), especially when you have a mobile quarterback that can make plays with his arms and legs,” said Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs. “Then it becomes a tough scheme to defend. You’ve just got to go back to your fundamentals.”

Having not given up a touchdown since Week 1, the Ravens looked forward to the test.

“You enjoy a challenge,” Suggs said. “If you’re a football player, you don’t want the same thing every week. We love that we get the opportunity again to play against one of these up-and-coming, rising quarterbacks – dual threat like E. J. Manuel. It’s going to be a challenge.”

Morning thought: “That was one of the most gratifying wins of my career. I can’t recall the last time that I played a game and didn’t give up one big play. A big play to us is a pass over 20, and a run over 15. They had 25 completions, 35 yards run after catch. That’s phenomenal. Basically when they caught the ball, they were tackled right away.”

Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees, talking about the 30-9 victory over the Texans.

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