Ayanbadejo disputes Suggs' 'linebacker grease' story

Ayanbadejo disputes Suggs' 'linebacker grease' story
January 31, 2013, 9:15 am
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Behind the scenes tour of New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS -- Brendon Ayanbadejo can be the target of ridicule by some of his “brothers” in the Ravens locker room because of his Herculean physique, clothing, or his public support for same-sex marriage, among other reasons.

Now it's for his pregame routine. Linebacker Terrell Suggs was asked who has the strangest preparation, and he didn't hesitate with his answer.

“Brandon Ayanbadejo, easy. I’m not sure if this is camera-ready. It involves massage-coconut oil or something and he stands in the middle of the locker room in his boy shorts or boxer briefs, I don’t know what they are, and he oils himself down,” Suggs said. “We try not to look. If you’re going to the trainer or you just happen to bypass, it’s kind of uncomfortable, but he’s been doing it for four years now, but I don’t want to stay we got used it.”

When told of Suggs’ remarks, Ayanbadejo, a reserve linebacker and key special-teams player, cracked into a wide grin.

“He’s telling jokes. You already know its Terrell Suggs. Ninety-nine percent of what Terrell Suggs gives you is not going to be accurate information. So you need to find the one bit of truth,” Ayanbadejo said.

“The one bit of truth is every linebacker puts on LBG before the game, linebacker grease. And everywhere I've been I've always but on linebacker grease. But somehow I became a Raven and we all put on LBG together. We have a trainer who puts it on. It’s not like we put it on each other. We don’t lube each other up.”