Bengals have learned from defeat

Bengals have learned from defeat
December 25, 2013, 4:00 pm
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The Bengals are feeling this is the season they make good on their potential. So that has meant dealing with expectations. And with those expectations comes the pressure. That means a loss is not just a loss anymore.

“This year, we won 10 games and we lost five, but it seems like because our expectations were so high this year, to lose five games, it felt like we lost 10,” defensive back Chris Crocker said, as reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer. “We’re like, god, if we lose one game it’s like the end of the world.”

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So the motivation comes from how devastating a defeat feels this year. And it’s losing, Crocker said, that can drive this team to greater things.

“Other seasons hadn’t been like that,” Crocker said. “You’d always say, ‘All right, we’ve got another game. Let’s win the next game.’ But this year there was that heightened stress of just knowing what we could do as a team. I think that really helped us. That feeling when we lost those games, that really helped us come together and push through the rest of the season.”

The Bengals obviously have learned that the hackneyed saying, “Failure is not an option,” doesn’t apply in the NFL. It’s just an option they don’t want to exercise again.