Bengals learn lesson not to be missed

Bengals learn lesson not to be missed
December 13, 2013, 9:15 am
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You may occasionally see updates at online news sites introduced with “ICYMI.” That stands for “in case you missed it.” Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer had an ICYMI presentation for his players this week.

In this case, what the Bengals missed were tackles — eight times in Sunday’s 42-28 win over the Colts. And Zimmer left no doubt how much this upset him.

How mad was he? Safety Reggie Nelson told "It was off the charts."

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On Wednesday, Zimmer showed his defense a lowlight reel with the eight plays on which the Bengals had failed arm tackles or simply came up empty while trying to bring down one of the Colts. Some of the plays happened after Cincinnati — which faces the Steelers this Sunday — had opened a comfortable lead, but bad habits are bad habits.

"Practice all week, we're going to be a little more focused," safety George Iloka said. "We have to go out there and play better for things to be how we want them to be."

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Linebacker Vontaze Burfict said: "We take a big emphasis on tackling. Especially me, I hate missing tackles. I think I missed two tackles last game. For me, I realized I need to bend my knees more in practice or wrap up in practice."

It was a matter of relaxing too much once the game seemed in hand, but the lesson is that you can’t let your intensity wane.
"We lost a little bit of [their edge] during the second half last week, so we've got to get it back,” head coach Marvin Lewis said. “That's an important thing, to understand that when you have a game in control, keep control of it."