Bisciotti stays patient after disappointing season

Bisciotti stays patient after disappointing season
January 8, 2014, 2:45 pm
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Bisciotti: Failure is a part of success

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti said he would not have a knee-jerk reaction and push for major changes after a disappointing 8-8 season. In a rare session with the media Wednesday, Bisciotti did not put any players or coaches on notice. Flanked by team president Dick Cass, general manager Ozzie Newsome, and coach John Harbaugh, Bisciotti remained confident the Ravens were still built for long-term success, after their first non-playoff season in six years, less than a year after winning the Super Bowl.

“I think your heart wants to react quickly,” Bisciotti said. “I think your head, if you’re a wise businessman, you take time and you listen to a lot of people and you contemplate a lot of different things.

“Failure is part of success. We’re all very disappointed here, obviously as our fans are, even more so. I’m comfortable with where we are, I’m comfortable where we’re headed.”

One of Bisciotti’s next destinations would be home to Jupiter, Fla., where he would conduct a two-day meeting with Ravens’ front office personnel to plot offseason strategy. Bisciotti did not hide the fact he expected the Ravens to be a Super Bowl contender again this season.

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“We had a lot of failures on the football field, offense and defense,” Bisciotti said. “I know they’ve got their work cut out for them. (My job) it’s be a sounding board to them and encourage them to make the kind of decisions that they believe are the right ones for us.”

Bisciotti is hoping to see a more explosive, versatile offense from the Ravens next season. “I think it’s safe to say that we’re going to look at the offense with the same fine tooth comb that we looked at the defense last year,” Bisciotti said.

Had the Ravens made the playoffs, Bisciotti said he thought they could have made a run.

“I think we could have beaten Cincinnati like San Diego did,” Bisciotti said. “I’d be just as comfortable going into Denver and New England this year because of what happened last year.” But the Ravens never got the chance to make a playoff this season. Bisciotti said he was willing to accept that – this time.

“If we found ourselves 3-13 like the Falcons who were actually 4-12), then I think they’re sitting there thinking, “We’ve got to make a lot of changes,” Bisciotti said. “I really don’t think we do. If 8-8 is a failure, I hope it’s a long time before I feel worse than this.”