Boldin back in playoffs, Ravens are not

Boldin back in playoffs, Ravens are not
January 3, 2014, 2:00 pm
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Ravens clean out their lockers

When Anquan Boldin plays for the 49ers on Sunday against Green Bay, it will be another tough reminder for Ravens fans of what their team missed this season. Boldin had one of his best years – 85 catches for 1,179 yards and seven touchdowns. That was the most yards for Boldin since 2006, and the most catches and touchdowns since 2008.

Boldin was traded to the 49ers last offseason to save salary cap space, after he and the Ravens could not agree on restructuring his contract. Trading Boldin allowed the Ravens to make other moves, like acquiring linebacker Elvis Dumervil. However, what Boldin brought as a go-to receiver was the 49ers’ gain, and the Ravens’ loss.

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“We probably weren’t able to do that (replace him) quite the same way with Anquan, unfortunately,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh admitted Tuesday. “So, I don’t know how to answer that question. It is what it is, it’s a fact. You’ve got a guy who was a big part of what we were doing, but he wasn’t the only guy we lost.

“As a coach, you just can’t get caught up in that. You can’t look back. I’m talking to the fans here. I’m watching guys that left here and watching them make plays for other teams. Of course, I’m thinking the same thing you’re thinking: ‘Man, it’d be great if he was making that play for our team.’ It’s human nature you feel that way about it.

“You’ve just got to do the best you can in this salary cap era of being the strongest team you can for the money that you’re allotted, and hopefully it works out.”

Boldin has already been to the Super Bowl twice, losing with the Cardinals and winning with the Ravens. Now Boldin hopes to make a third trip with the 49ers. If that happens, it will be tough for some Ravens fans to watch.