Boldin: Ravens must keep Reed

Boldin: Ravens must keep Reed
March 15, 2013, 2:30 am
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The Ravens just can’t allow safety Ed Reed to leave the club — so says the guy whom the Ravens traded away this week.

Wide receiver Anquan Boldin, sent to the 49ers for a sixth-round pick when the Ravens decided they couldn’t afford his salary under their stressed cap, told ESPN Radio on Thursday: "A guy like Ed Reed, I don't think you can let him go. He's a Raven legend. The things that he's done for that organization, you can't lose a guy like that."

Ah, but Boldin knows so well that you can lose just about any guy, even one whose clutch receiving was a huge part of bringing the Lombardi Trophy to Baltimore.

“That's the business part of this league,” Boldin said. “Sometimes it's unfortunate."

He didn’t sound bitter, though.

“My memories there are great,” he said. “I have no regrets. I was brought to Baltimore to help win a championship. In February, we came home champions. As far as on the field, I don't feel like I left anything behind."