Broncos' checklist against Ravens

Broncos' checklist against Ravens
December 16, 2012, 2:15 am
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The view from Denver — at least, from the Denver Post — about how the Broncos can beat the Ravens may hit some familiar notes for Ravens fans. The Post pulls out three main bullet points.

*Stop Ray Rice. “Rice may be fifth in the NFL in net yards from scrimmage,” the Post wrote, “but the Ravens want to get him the ball even more often.

“So much so, plenty of NFL personnel believe the Ravens fired offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, at least in part, because of play-calling that often featured extended stretches when Rice didn't get any touches.”

Not only is the Broncos’ concern how many yards Rice can gash out, but also how that can enable the Ravens to control the clock.

*Hit Joe Flacco. “Joe Flacco will hold the ball because of his confidence, arm strength and desire to make a play down the field. He has a tendency to fumble, though, having done so eight times this season, including twice Sunday in the overtime loss to the Redskins.”

And the bad news for Ravens fans: The Broncos' Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller have a combined 10 strip-sacks this season. Considering the Redskins’ success rushing up the middle, the Post suggests Denver would send Miller that way.

*Succeed in the red zone. The Ravens lead the NFL in red-zone defense, and the Broncos made last week’s game against the Raiders closer by having to settle for field goals.

“If guard Chris Kuper doesn't play — he is questionable with an injured ankle — the Ravens figure to be a little more aggressive in the pass rush when the Broncos have the goal line in sight.”