Browns at least listen to offer for Gordon

Browns at least listen to offer for Gordon
October 8, 2013, 11:00 pm
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The Browns already traded away their best running back, so why wouldn’t they consider dealing their best wide receiver?

Cleveland and the 49ers talked about a trade for Josh Gordon, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported, but there apparently is no agreement, at least not yet.

“At first glance, it sounds like lunacy to consider trading Gordon,”’s Pat McManamon wrote. “He is the team’s biggest playmaker. He’s a big, fast receiver who, while not sure-handed, is talented and should get better. But as nuts as a possible Gordon trade sounds, the Trent Richardson trade sounded just as nuts when it was announced.”

The Richardson deal netted the Browns a first-round draft pick from the Colts, and Cleveland has won three in a row since making the move. And McManamon makes the salient point that Gordon, like Richardson, wasn’t drafted by the people now running the Browns, and one of the things that the Joe Banner regime appears to want to do is sock away picks for the next draft.

Cleveland won’t be getting a first-rounder for Gordon, who was picked in the second round of last year’s draft. But if someone wants to make a significant deposit in the Browns’ draft pick bank, maybe it just might happen.