Browns Taylor hints that Rice spit on him

Browns Taylor hints that Rice spit on him
September 17, 2013, 1:00 am
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The Sunday altercation between Browns tackle Phil Taylor and Ravens running back Ray Rice may have further ramifications.

Taylor has hinted that Rice spit on him. Taylor drew a 15-yard penalty for slapping Rice, but Taylor said he was provoked.

“I usually don’t do things like that, but something happened and I still have to keep my composure,” Taylor said.

Asked after the game if Rice spit on him, Taylor said, “Look at the film. You’ll see.”

Ravens coach John Harbaugh is aware of Taylor’s accusation that Rice spit, but Harbaugh is not convinced.

“I’ve not talked to Ray about it,” Harbaugh said during his Monday press conference. “It was brought to my attention. I watched it. I didn’t see that on the tape.”

Pro Football Talk has reported through a source that Taylor was still insisting Rice spit on him. Expect the league to look into the situation.