Bynes expects to be back in time for Browns

Bynes expects to be back in time for Browns
October 22, 2013, 1:30 pm
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After missing Sunday’s game with an infected finger, inside linebacker Josh Bynes was in the locker room Tuesday. His hand was tightly wrapped, but Bynes said he expected to play Nov. 3, when the Ravens return from their bye to face the Browns. Bynes had surgery on his finger last week, and said he was released from the hospital Sunday.

“I should be able to play the next game,” Bynes said. “If I had a choice, I would’ve played Sunday. Watching the game was horrible. You never watch your guys go out to battle without you. I’m getting better, it’s healing up kind of fast.”

Bynes said he watched the game at home, yelling at the television. 

“My girl had to tell me to chill out,” Bynes said. “When you love this game, and you love your team, you have the passion to want to be out there.”

Jameel McClain, playing his first game in 10 months, started in Bynes' place on Sunday. It remained to be seen if Bynes or McClain would be the starter once both are healthy. In the meantime, Bynes is confident the Ravens (3-4) will play better in the second half of the season.

“I still believe we’ll be fine,” Bynes said. “There’s nothing that’s happened to us that we can’t correct. We just have to play better. I think this bye week will be good for us.”