Caldwell, Manning share special connection

Caldwell, Manning share special connection
December 14, 2012, 11:45 am
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Caldwell: Ravens must continue to find ways to get Rice involved

Does Jim Caldwell’s previous relationship with Peyton Manning give the Ravens any sort of edge for Sunday’s game vs. the Denver Broncos?

Caldwell, the recently promoted offensive coordinator, tutored him in the no-huddle offense as quarterbacks and head coach of the Indianapolis Colts from 2002-11.

"We are more concerned about our end of it, trying to make certain of the things we’re supposed to do and put some points on the board," Caldwell said. "You know he’s a talented guy that has left his marked on this league, and he continues to grow.

"I’m not the first coordinator that he’s ever played against that’s coached him. Bruce Arians was at Cleveland when we went into Cleveland and played against him. I think (John) Hufnagel, who coached him as a quarterback coach, was at Jacksonville when we went down to play. It may seem like a bit of a novelty, but it really isn’t, and we both have a job to do."

Under Caldwell, the Colts and Manning dominated the Ravens. They won eight consecutive times from 2002-10, including a 15-6 playoff defeat in 2007 as the Colts would go on to win the Super Bowl.

Manning avoided addressing what kind of coordinator the thinks Caldwell would be. He has never called plays in the NFL, so there’s no body of work on which to judge.

"I felt like he really took my game to another level. He’s also a tremendous mentor and friend to me," Manning said. "He’s very detail-oriented. He and I are very similar that way. … He and I had a routine that we did during meetings and practice every day. … He’s as fine of a man as I know. I miss being in his presence every day because that was a really fun time that he and I had together."