Can Ed Dickson build on solid performance?

Can Ed Dickson build on solid performance?
October 7, 2013, 7:00 am
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Harbaugh: "I'm so proud of the Baltimore Ravens fans."

EARLY BIRD: Waking up with the Ravens, the morning after their first road victory of the season.

Two-minute topic: Will Sunday’s strong performance by Ed Dickson put an end to his dropping passes?

Dickson had his best game of the season, with two catches for 51 yards, including a 43-yard catch-and-run. The 43-yarder was a beautiful throw by Joe Flacco, but it was not an easy catch for Dickson, who was tightly covered. But Dickson made the catch in stride, and rumbled downfield for extra yardage.

Dickson is fully capable of making plays like that, and he was expected to, especially after tight end Dennis Pitta went down with a fractured hip during training camp. However, Dickson has dropped six passes this season, and seemed to be pressing, which only made matters worse. Perhaps Dickson’s performance Sunday will turn his season in the right direction.

“I feel good because we got the victory,” Dickson said. “I could’ve had 20 catches, but if we don’t win, that’s not good. But to get this type of win, the kind of win that’s going to help us grow into the kind of team we want to be? That’s great.”

Flacco will not forget that Dickson delivered Sunday. That could lead to Flacco targeting Dickson more, a development that he would welcome. Dickson was good spirits in the locker room and said it was about time he had a personal performance to smile about.

“It’s kind of past due, but you build on top of that,” Dickson said. “Getting a road victory in this league is hard. We’re going to try to build on this.”

Dickson said offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell had been a huge supporter.

“I still think the big games are coming,” Dickson said. “The way I practice? Caldwell says it all the time. There’s no way you can practice that well and not get results in the game. So I’m going to continue to practice, continue to play well. The best is yet to come.”

Morning thought: “Yeah, we want that one back. That was a mistake. We should have run the ball there. I think we’ll all agree there. We should have punted it out of there the way our defense was playing. We put Joe (Flacco) in a tough spot there. That was a mistake.”

Ravens coach John Harbaugh, talking about the decision Sunday to throw on third-and-22 deep in Ravens’ territory, leading to the pick-six that tied the game.

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