Can Gino come through at center?

Can Gino come through at center?
January 26, 2014, 11:00 am
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Gino Gradkowski's probably heard plenty of the criticism. He struggled throughout his first full season as the starting center, and one of the biggest questions the offense and coaches face is what will happen at that position. 

After the retirement of Matt Birk following the Super Bowl victory, Gradkowski got the job following a year behind the veteran learning the job. But there's no question that Gradkowski had problems. He often got pushed around physically and couldn't anchor the line. He did improve at times later in the season, but the Ravens have to decide if they have enough faith in him to give him the job again. 

He's obviously got to become stronger, and the Ravens need to decide if 2013 was just a bit of rough on-the-job training. Others could take the position or battle Gradkowski for it. Ryan Jensen's here or the Ravens could draft someone or sign a free agent. If they give Gradkowski the job, they've at least got to have someone ready behind him if he falters again. 

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But that's a tough choice for coach John Harbaugh and his staff because Gradkowski did show that late-season improvement in spots. Does the team have patience to see if Gradkowski will be better the second time around. 

The whole offensive line had major problems this season, and that's something which has been well-documented. And it's a subject the Ravens are going to be watching closely in the off-season and trying to fix. But it will be very interesting to see what they do -- or don't do -- at center.