In Cleveland, the future is... next year

In Cleveland, the future is... next year
September 18, 2013, 11:00 pm
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Just wait until next year, Browns fans. Yeah, you have heard that before, but the front office really means it this time.

With last year’s franchise running back, Trent Richardson, taken at No. 3 in the 2012 draft, traded away to the Colts for a first-round pick next spring, Cleveland CEO Joe Banner could point to a bright future.

“I don't want to tip our hand about what we're going to do," Banner said in a news conference Wednesday night (via The Plain Dealer), "but I think it puts us in a good position. ... We are positioning ourselves to build a team that is good and sustainable."

Which sounds like this season has already been written off, though, of course, the Browns have to insist otherwise.

Coach Rob Chudzinski said (via Pro Football Talk): “We’ll have the same expectations, we’ll have the same goals and we’re going to do everything we can to win every week. Nothing has changed from that standpoint.”

This weekend, by the way, that means starting Brian Hoyer, who had been the No. 3 quarterback, instead of No. 2 Jason Campbell, with No. 1 QB Brandon Weeden sidelined by a sprained thumb. Whatever, anyone who plays quarterback for the Browns the rest of this season is just keeping the seat warm for Teddy Bridgewater or whoever Cleveland ends up taking in the next draft.

(What is this year’s version of the 2011 season’s rallying cry for the draft, “Suck for Luck”? “Lose steady for Teddy”?)

Meanwhile, at least one columnist is taking the stance that, aw, Richardson wasn’t all that hot anyhow.

“Richardson is not a big-time running back,” The Plain Dealer’s Terry Pluto wrote. “Two knee surgeries and the broken ribs were the first indication that he couldn't stay healthy. …

“Richardson has shown little speed or ability to break loose. … The man has played hurt, and plays hard. I loved him at Alabama and liked the idea of the Browns drafting him at No. 3. Now I wonder if he's even worthy of a first-round pick.”