Coaches try and fit new Ravens' parts together

Coaches try and fit new Ravens' parts together
August 27, 2013, 9:15 pm
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Ravens paring down roster, making tough cuts

NFL teams each have a different look to them every year. That's the way life is in the league, and it's the nature of the beast, so to speak. 

The question is how well can teams put everything together each year. It's an issue that assistant head coach/special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg spoke about with the media earlier this week. 

Teams always have a basic core of talented players they rely on and build from. But it's those that change each year that are important -- how do they fit in and how does everything come together?

"The nature of our league, I think you build a team every year," Rosburg said when speaking with the media. "Our offense and defense have new elements in them as well, and our special teams have new elements in them, and then guys’ roles change from year to year. They may be more involved on offense or defense in their third year than they were their first two years. So, it’s ever-evolving."

Some players come in each year and are role players who help in certain spots. They prove to be very valuable and helpful -- and get cut the next season. Look at Chris Johnson and how he helped last year, now he's gone. 

Special teams is where you'll see this a lot. The Ravens had a great group on special teams last year, but can Rosburg help this year's group put it all together there this. The success on special teams in 2012 was a big reason for the overall success of the Ravens -- but can they duplicate that with new players?

"The NFL is a league of change, and the rosters change, coaching staffs change, it’s just change," Rosburg said. "So, when you go about it as a coach, what you’re trying to do is to teach as many guys as many things as you possibly can and get good, and then you’ll fit the parts together when you see the roster at the end.”