Could Ravens also score in HOF?

Could Ravens also score in HOF?
February 1, 2013, 11:15 am
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If everything plays out right, this could be the weekend of all time for the Ravens as they could win a Super Bowl and get two members of their family into the Hall of Fame.

This year's team goes against the 49ers on Sunday in Super Bowl XLVII in what will be a tough game, but one the Ravens can win. But there's also going to be the announcement of who will go into the Hall of Fame. Jonathan Ogden and Art Modell both are finalists being considered for the Hall of Fame. Ogden is probably a lock to get it, but Modell isn't. 

Ogden getting into the Hall isn't a shock. He's one of the best offensive lineman in the history of the NFL. He might very well be the best left tackle ever. The Ravens made him their first draft pick when the team moved here from Cleveland in 1996 -- and they took Ray Lewis later in the first round. That's how to build a football team. 

Modell hasn't gotten in yet, although he should have been a member of the Hall already. The move from Cleveland to Baltimore is what likely cost him in this situation.

But what he did for the NFL over four decades is certainly worth inclusion in the Hall. The timing of it would certainly be very good this weekend.

This could be a real championship weekend if all goes well. A Lombardi Trophy and two Hall of Fame inductees would make Baltimore football fans happy for a very long time. But if the Ravens got two of these, and Modell gets left out, that would be wrong. He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. His accomplishments were huge and helped make the league what it is today. Hopefully, that will be remembered.