Could Te'o fall to Ravens?

Could Te'o fall to Ravens?
February 23, 2013, 6:15 pm
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Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o handled his news conference at the combine well Saturday. The media peppered him with lots of questions about his "girlfriend" hoax that drew him tons of unwanted attention around the nation.

And Te'o answered the questions. That hoax could help a team like the Ravens because Te'o, projected by most to go very high in the first round, now reportedly has seen his value slip. I've heard and read "experts" saying this hoax could help him slide all the way down to the bottom of the first round where the Ravens would be waiting with the final pick.

Could that happen? Who knows? But there's no question Te'o has lost some of his value because of the embarrassing nature of this situation, and the Ravens will certainly need help with linebackers. 

Ray Lewis has retired, and the Ravens need help at inside linebacker. They're trying to re-sign Dannell Ellerbe and the Jameel McClain situation remains up in the air, so there's holes to fill here. A player like Te'o dropped all the way to them could take place-- it's happened before. 

Remember Warren Sapp? There were some questions about his behavior/character, and he slipped down in the first round in 1995. Tampa Bay got him with the No. 12 pick, when Sapp should've gone much higher -- and he was selected for the Hall of Fame this season.

If the Ravens like Te'o, and his stature falls, it would make trading up to get him much easier. is saying he's now somewhere arounda middle first-round pick. That makes trading for him an easier task if the Ravens are interested, and Te'o said during the press conference that he'd enjoy playing here. Time will tell.