Cut by Ravens, Michael Huff with Broncos at Super Bowl

Cut by Ravens, Michael Huff with Broncos at Super Bowl
January 28, 2014, 1:15 pm
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EAST RUTHERFORD, N. J. - Michael Huff performed so badly at safety for the Ravens in 2013, he was benched after one game, and only lasted two months before being cut. Yet on Tuesday, Huff found himself at Super Bowl Media Day, soaking up the atmosphere with his Broncos’ teammates.

It has been strange journey to the big game for Huff. But he blames himself for his brief stay with the Ravens, and feels blessed to land with a Super Bowl team. 

“This isn’t the way I’d draw up getting to the Super Bowl, but I’ll take it,” Huff said. “I didn’t play well enough. I didn’t live up to my end of the bargain. When they cut me, I understood. They needed some guys on special teams, and I wasn’t getting the job done.”

Ironically, Huff’s lone start for the Ravens came against the Broncos. Peyton Manning lit up the Ravens for seven touchdowns passes during a 49-27 victory to start the season. The entire Ravens secondary played poorly, but Huff missed tackles that led to several big plays. Huff still can’t figure out why he struggled in Baltimore, because he liked the defensive system and his teammates.

“I was hard on myself, because I knew I wasn’t playing well,” Huff said. “Now I end up here. The guy throws seven touchdown passes against my team, and now I’m on his team.

“I hated those weeks after I was cut, before I got picked up by the Broncos. You realize how much you love football. You’re sitting there watching other guys play. It got my hunger for the game back.

“Playing against Peyton in practice has been great. He wants every route run right, every pass thrown perfectly. You can see why he’s one of the best who ever played.” 

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Huff is a backup safety and plays special teams with the Broncos. He may not play a key role on Sunday, but he realizes this may be his only Super Bowl, and he is enjoying the experience. 

“It took me eight years to get here, it took Champ Bailey longer, and some guys never get here,” Huff said.

Does Huff have anything to say to Ravens’ fans? 

“Nah” Huff said, laughing. “I’ve said enough. They probably don’t want to hear from me.”