Dalton: Bengals out to win

Dalton: Bengals out to win
December 27, 2012, 10:00 pm
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Bengals coach Marvin Lewis has already indicated he isn’t inclined to treat Sunday’s regular-season finale against the Ravens — which won’t affect Cincinnati’s playoff position in any way — as a day of rest for his starters. His quarterback has delivered the same message.

“We’re treating this just like every other week,” Andy Dalton said on “Pro Football Talk.”  “We’re going out and we’re preparing to win the game and it’s going to be like any other week.  We are playing for some momentum.  The playoffs start next week, so for us we want to come out and play our best and carry that momentum into the playoffs.”

And if Dalton thinks it would be best for the Bengals to concentrate on keeping everyone healthy for their playoff game next weekend rather than playing all out, he’s keeping it to himself.

“I think it’s what we need to do,” Dalton said. “I think it’s good for the team, good to not have a break and just come out and play like we have been.”

Actually, when he says “good to not have a break,” Dalton is correct. It would be best for the Bengals not to have a break — or a strain or a sprain or a tear. Let’s see just how long all the starters end up actually playing.

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