Darqueze Dennard may have to wait turn with Bengals

Darqueze Dennard may have to wait turn with Bengals
May 31, 2014, 8:00 pm
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Patience is a good quality for a cornerback, and it’s something that Cincinnati Bengals first-round draft pick Darqueze Dennard apparently has.

With the Bengals stocked with veterans at his position, it could be that he won’t have a huge role right out of the gate. He seems OK with that.

"I'm just waiting on my moment," Dennard said this week, as reported by ESPN.com.

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Cincinnati already has experienced Terence Newman, Adam (formerly Pac-Man) Jones and Leon Hall, plus Dre Kirkpatrick, who’s heading into his third year. However, a big part of the reason that the Bengals chose Dennard — besides that many observers rated him as the best corner in the draft and he had dropped to No. 24 — is that they can’t necessarily count on all three of the older players to make it through the season unscathed. Newman is 35, Jones turns 31 in September and Hall, 29, has been injured twice in the past two seasons.

"Those guys have been playing a long time in the NFL and have a lot of games under their belt," Dennard said. "I'm here to play. That's my mindset — to get on the field — but being under the tutelage of them is going to help me, as well. A lot of guys don't have the same chance I have. Those veteran guys have played a lot of games and have done great things on the football field. I have them and I'm going to use them.

"I'm probably going to get on their nerves by asking them so many questions.”

One of the questions Dennard could ask is of Kirkpatrick: How does it feel not to meet expectations? Kirkpatrick was the 17th overall choice in the 2012 draft and has thus far been a disappointment for the Bengals.