Deep look at numbers unfavorable to Flacco

Deep look at numbers unfavorable to Flacco
November 23, 2013, 8:00 pm
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A set of stats presented by Deadspin will do nothing for boosters of Joe Flacco. However, it’s more fuel for those who put down the Ravens quarterback.

Using statistics compiled by Pro Football Focus, Deadspin charts NFL QBs according to how they rank as deep passers (from 2008 on). To start with, Flacco rates quite high for his percentage of passes targeting receivers at least 20 yards downfield. He’s fourth, at 14.7 percent. That’s way over the league average of 11.9 percent. Who else ranks as the biggest bomb tossers? From the top: Jake Locker, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick.

OK, that’s for how often Flacco goes deep. But how accurate is he? Not very. Correcting for drops by receivers, PFF’s accuracy figures indicate how much a QB is on target. Flacco, at 36.3 percent, ranks 25th. The league average is 39.9. The best you could say for Flacco about this stat? Hey, Tom Brady ranks only 23rd. (No. 1 is Wilson, at 52.4.)

Finally, in a measure of yards per attempt on deep throws, Flacco does even worse. He’s at No. 27 with 10.3 yards, under the league average of 11.6. (Again, Brady is in the same neighborhood, at 11.1. Tops is Drew Brees, with 16.5.)

But among those who rank high in these stats is the Ravens’ opposing quarterback on Sunday — the Jets’ Geno Smith. He’s fourth in accuracy (48.8) and third in yards per attempt (15.6).