Defense starting to take shape

Defense starting to take shape
March 28, 2013, 9:45 pm
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Huff has big shoes to fill at safety

The Ravens made another strong move to fill the many holes on defense by signing safety/cornerback Michael Huff on Thursday, something that should calm some of the nervous fans for awhile. 

One thing the fans should realize about the 2013 Ravens, especially the defense, is that it will not look very much like something that's been on the field in recent years. There won't be Ray Lewis. There won't be Ed Reed. 

It might be a more low-key style. But it's going to have a solid group of veterans who've proven they can do the job where they've been before. The big question is going to be how they come together. What's the chemistry going to be like?

That's something coaches always worry about and can never predict. Chemistry on a sports team is an awfully funny thing. When it's good, it can make a team do wondrous things. When bad, it can be a killer. 

One thing about this defense is that this lower-key style will give the Ravens a different look overall. They won't be the big-mouth, filled-with-swagger team you've seen for so many  years. Maybe the coaches and management had tired of that act. If so, this was the right time to make the changes with Lewis retiring and Reed leaving. 

Also if that's the true, give the coaches and management credit for pulling the plug after winning the Super Bowl. Many teams wouldn't have wanted to make such drastic changes at this point. But the Ravens obviously felt they needed a different look. 

The off-season isn't done yet -- we haven't even had the draft -- so this is just the beginning of the new look for Baltimore on defense. Management waited and are trying to show the local football fans that patience can indeed be a virtue.