Do Broncos expect to open on MNF?

Do Broncos expect to open on MNF?
March 23, 2013, 7:30 pm
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A report in the Denver Post on Friday said that the Broncos are expecting to open 2013 on "Monday Night Football," which would mean they wouldn't be the the team the Ravens start with.

The Ravens are apparently going to open the season on the road after the schedule-gate snafu with the Orioles that apparently has ended with both sides agreeing to disagree. Many were guessing that Denver was the city the Ravens would see in Game 1.

But the Denver paper said that "the Broncos do expect to open the 2013 season on prime time, and at home. But the most likely season-opening scenario at this point is the Broncos playing Game 1 at newly video-boarded Sports Authority Field at Mile High in the second of two Monday night games."

That would mean no Denver-Ravens in Game 1. There's no question that the NFL will look for the best TV match-up, so would New England-Ravens be the next best shot for the TV folks?  But that would assume that this speculation is true,  And only Roger Goodell can give us that answer. 

In the end, with all of the complaining about the schedule situation, it's not going to kill the Ravens to open on the road. They'll get an away game out of the way, something teams probably would rather get out of the way sooner rather than later. 

The Ravens really had a tough opening few weeks last year, something that coach John Harbaugh has said might have bothered them the rest of the season, They played four games in the first 17 days, something which will tax any team.