Do the math on Flacco -- it's staggering

Do the math on Flacco -- it's staggering
February 23, 2013, 2:45 am
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When I started doing this blog, no one told me there would be math.

Fortunately, we have Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk to do the computations for us.

According to Mr. PFT, if the Ravens hit Joe Flacco with the exclusive franchise tag, his salary for the 2013 season would be about $20.5 million, based on the top-five contracts for quarterbacks around the NFL.

Now, suppose after 2013 that the Ravens and Flacco still haven’t reached a long-term deal? So they slap the franchise tag on him again. His 2014 salary would be about $24.5 million, because collective bargaining rules mandate a 20 percent raise when you’re tagged a second time.

And while we’re supposing, what would occur if 2015 rolled around and the Ravens needed to franchise Flacco a third time? That means a 44 percent raise, to about $35.4 million.

Add it up over three years and it’s about $80.4 million, “which, under the exclusive tag, becomes the starting point on a long-term deal,” Florio writes.

However, if the Ravens use a non-exclusive tag, 2013’s salary would be $14.6 million and about $23 million less over three years.

However again,  as its name indicates, the non-exclusive tag means Flacco’s agent could try to get him a deal elsewhere. Do the Ravens gamble their QB wouldn’t leave? Because, after all, $20 million here and $20 million there and pretty soon you’re talking real money.