Does Ravens pick Wagner have technique issues?

Does Ravens pick Wagner have technique issues?
April 29, 2013, 12:00 am
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Ravens fifth-round selection Ricky Wagner, an offensive tackle from Wisconsin, entered college as a tight end before becoming a lineman. And you’ve heard of the “freshman 15” for the weight the average student puts on when he gets to college? Wagner went that several times better. Wagner leaves Wisconsin about 70 pounds heavier on his 6-foot-5 frame than when he came to Madison.

Reading some of the chatter about Wagner compiled in this SB Nation piece, it appears he has a way to go to become an effective NFL lineman. Questions about his technique — sustaining blocks and too much holding — were raised.

Then again, he did drop down to the fifth round.

*In the sixth round, the Ravens took offensive lineman Ryan Jensen from Colorado State-Pueblo. That’s not the Colorado State that wears the Rams helmets. The CSU-Pueblo team is the ThunderWolves. What are ThunderWolves? Well, for one thing, they are a better name if you have to change your school mascot from “Indians.”

And ThunderWolves apparently are environmentally aware animals, according to the university’s athletic department website.

"Because it is an intelligent and inquisitive animal, the thunderwolf expands its knowledge and understanding of the environment daily. … One of the most distinctive characteristics of thunderwolves is their ability to form unusual partnerships with other species to protect the environment for the general good. Their excellent communication skills have led some observers to believe thunderwolves may be able to communicate to different species from other countries.”

Jensen can probably elaborate on this during OTAs.