Don't let Brady stand and throw

Don't let Brady stand and throw
January 18, 2013, 5:30 pm
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Here's a very simple formula to giving the Ravens a chance to win the AFC title game on Sunday-- hit Tom Brady. 

That doesn't mean just get to him on sacks. It means hit him often. Knock him down. Push him around. Don't let the New England quarterback finish Sunday's game with a clean uniform. Make him go through a war.

The amazing success that Brady's had with the Patriots' offense over the years is because of the great protection he's gotten and the timing the quarterback has with his receivers. 

And how do you disrupt timing? 

Move him off his spot. Don't let Brady stand there in the pocket going through his progressions. If that happens, Brady will pick the Ravens to pieces. Hit him and make it a physical game. That's what the New York Giants have done in the Super Bowl, and they've topped the Pats twice. 

The Ravens need to introduce Brady to Terrell Suggs, Paul Kruger and Ray Lewis, as well as others. They know the drill. Even if they bang into Brady while he's throwing it or a second afterwards, it can throw off his timing just enough to cause an incompletion or something else. 

Brady doesn't run much, so this is the best strategy against him. The Ravens did the same thing last weekend against Peyton Manning in Denver. They had problems with it early but really began applying more pressure and turning the game into something physical in the second half and overtime periods. 

The more the Ravens hit Brady -- in some form -- the better their chances are of causing trouble for the New England offense. If the Ravens cause turnovers, like they did last weekend in Denver, then a trip to the Super Bowl will likely result.