EARLY BIRD: Bad weather nothing new for Ravens this season

EARLY BIRD: Bad weather nothing new for Ravens this season
December 8, 2013, 7:00 am
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GAME DAY EARLY BIRD: Waking up with the Ravens (6-6) on game day against the Vikings (3-8-1).

Two-minute topic: The Ravens are preparing to deal with more bad weather on Sunday.

BALTIMORE - This has already been a challenging weather season for the Ravens. Last month in Chicago, their game against the Bears was delayed almost two hours due to torrential rain and tornadoes in the area. The Ravens’ season-opener against the Broncos in September was delayed 25 minutes due to lightning.

Weather in Baltimore was expected to be an issue again Sunday, with the afternoon forecast calling for rain, sleet, and possibly snow.

“We’ve had a crazy year with weather,” said Ravens coach John Harbaugh. “We’ve had some really wild days, so I think it helps us. We’ve been through this before. It looks like we are going to get another one on Sunday. To me it adds to the drama, and our team – we feel like we’re built for that sort of thing.”

Joe Flacco is one of the NFL quarterbacks least impacted by bad weather. Due to his arm strength and the size of his hands, Flacco generally throws the ball well in tough conditions. The Ravens have not run the ball well this season, so they may have to throw Sunday regardless of the weather.

Meanwhile, the Vikings’ offense is built around running back Adrian Peterson, regardless of the conditions. Peterson plays his home games indoors in Minnesota, so it will be interesting to see how he and the Vikings adjust if the weather is sloppy.

In the AFC North, dealing with bad weather is usually part of the equation, especially in December. The Ravens were bracing themselves for another taste of it.

Morning thought: “He creates some matchup problems for the opposition He’s always been a guy who has the ability to get open. He’s a big target, and not only that, he’s very, very versatile in terms of the routes that he can run.” – Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell, talking about tight Dennis Pitta, who will play his first game of the season against the Vikings.

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