EARLY BIRD: Dickson heard Suggs' message loud and clear

EARLY BIRD: Dickson heard Suggs' message loud and clear
October 23, 2013, 7:00 am
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EARLY BIRD: Waking up with the Ravens before their last practice during the bye week.

Two-minute topic: Tight end Ed Dickson is taking Terrell Suggs’ “state of emergency” message to heart.

OWINGS MILLS – When Suggs said the Ravens (3-4) were in a state of emergency after Sunday’s loss to the Steelers, Dickson thought it was the message the team needed to hear.

“We need that sense of urgency, because it’s getting later in the season,” Dickson said in the locker room Tuesday. “Whenever we lose to that team (the Steelers), I don’t even want say their name, it’s a slap in the face. Guys want to take this bye week to get healthy, get stuff done, and self-check yourself – what am I not doing well? Every individual person has to do that, take their pride and throw it to the side. That’s how good teams become great teams. When our leader, Sizz (Suggs), says we’re in a state of an emergency, that means it’s time to hone in, because we’re all on this ride. When our leader says something like that, it’s time to pay attention.”

Dickson (13 catches, 93 yards, no touchdowns) has not had the season he expected individually. But he is more focused on the team, and says he sees positive signs the offense can build on.

“We’re closer, and we’ll try a few different things during this bye, figure out what we want to do,” Dickson said. “But when we start getting ready for Cleveland next week, we need some great practices. No more losing. That’s on everyone’s mind. Win, or go home.”

Morning thought: “For a guy to be out 10 months and come back and practice three days and 28 plays in that game, amazing. I’ve seen one other guy do it – (Tedy) Bruschi after he had a stroke. And I same Jameel (McClain) do it here. This guy had been told a few months back that he was never going to play football again…That’s an amazing feat to me.”

Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees, talking about McClain returning to action Sunday after suffering a spinal cord contusion in December.

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