EARLY BIRD: Flacco's leadership appreciated

EARLY BIRD: Flacco's leadership appreciated
September 17, 2013, 7:00 am
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Ravens will stick to run game

EARLY BIRD: Waking up Tuesday with the Ravens, a day off from practice before they resume preparations for the Texans.

Two-minute topic: Joe Flacco’s even-tempered leadership is appreciated by teammates.

Flacco is low-key, but his teammates appreciate his low maintenance personality.

Two weeks into the regular season, Flacco’s patience has already been tested. Ravens receivers have dropped their share of passes. Flacco has taken a few sacks when offensive linemen missed blocks. Yet, you have not seen Flacco yelling at teammates. You have not seen Flacco display negative body language.

During Super Bowl week, retired Ravens center Matt Birk said he had never seen Flacco yell at an offensive lineman after missing a block. Never. When asked about that, Flacco said he didn’t see the point of yelling, because he knew linemen weren’t trying to miss their blocks. He also said he wouldn’t want them yelling at him when he messed up.

That’s vintage Flacco –low-key, but to the point. As the Ravens go through offensive growing pains, Flacco’s steadiness will be a key as he works with a young receiver like Marlon Brown. When the Ravens struggled during the first half Sunday, Brown said he remained upbeat because he took his cue from Flacco.

“I wasn’t frustrated because I looked at Joe and Joe wasn’t frustrated,” Brown said. “He’s our leader, so if our leader isn’t frustrated, and he’s calm and cool, I’m going to be like, ‘We’re going to be alright, because Joe’s going to be alright.”’

That’s the way Flacco leads – by example. Sometimes, what Flacco doesn’t say actually says a lot.

Morning thought: “He played to keep everything in front of him. He played with a lot of maturity in that way, and it was good to see. He played well.”

John Harbaugh, evaluating rookie safety Matt Elam’s first start on Sunday.

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