Easy to see what Ozzie meant

Easy to see what Ozzie meant
March 25, 2013, 11:00 am
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A few days after the Super Bowl, Ozzie Newsome was asked about what he'd do in terms of keeping this team together just like they tried to do after their previous championship win in 2000.

He never hesitated with his answer. 

"We will not repeat what we did in 2001, because we are trying to build where we can win Super Bowls more than just one more time," Newsome said at the press conference. "I think our team is structured differently this time also. We do have some veterans that will probably be retiring, but we have a great nucleus of young players. [We have] players who are just hitting into their prime that we are going to build this team around. But, we are not going to be restructuring contracts and do all of those different things to be able just to maintain this team to make another run. We’re not doing that."

That explains, to me at least, what they've been doing in this off-season. 

They didn't just want to keep this group together because they won a Super Bowl. This team obviously was great, but there were holes and question marks that needed to be addressed, especially on defense. 

The Ravens couldn't really find a consistent pass rush all year. That's one reason the pass coverage had problems at times. If the quarterback has a long time to throw, he can pick a defense apart. And that happened several times in 2012.

In the playoffs, the defense did better than in the regular season, but it was the offense that carried the day. There's no question on that. The Ravens clearly didn't want to have the same type of defense.

They've already got a better pass rush and stronger run defense thanks to their free-agent signings of Elvis Dumervil, Chris Canty and Marcus Spears, something that's going to change things in 2013. What other moves will they make?