Ellerbe's loss may bring out second-guessing

Ellerbe's loss may bring out second-guessing
March 12, 2013, 10:00 pm
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So now the second-guessing begins in earnest.

The reason the Ravens had to part ways with wide receiver Anquan Boldin was to create salary-cap room. And we’ve been hearing practically ever since the off-season began that linebacker Dannell Ellerbe was the guy they really had to keep, someone for whom they needed that cap room.

But now Ellerbe apparently is gone, agreeing to a deal with the Dolphins. And that leaves the Ravens without their best linebacker from 2012, plus without their most reliable receiver.

If they had a clue that Ellerbe might be, in the words of that old Squeeze song, tempted by the fruit of another, would the Ravens have been better served to just have released Boldin rather than traded him and then maybe have had a shot at signing him back? Now, of course, that wouldn’t help them at linebacker, but it would have made the overall outlook better.

Paul Kruger’s pending departure for a ridiculously overpriced contract with the Browns was expected, so his loss, while costing the Ravens their most consistent pass rusher, won’t raise the same amount of angst among the fan base.

But no Ellerbe, combined with no Boldin, that may surely test the bounds of “In Ozzie we trust.”