Enemy intel: Browns may lose Mack

Enemy intel: Browns may lose Mack
April 10, 2014, 9:45 am
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If the  Browns lose starting center Alex Mack, it will impact their entire offensive line, The Ravens went through that last season, after Matt Birk retired, and Gino Gradkowski struggled to replace Birk as the starting center.

According to ESPN, Mack plans to sign a five-year offer sheet with the Jaguars no later than Friday. The deal, according to Pro Football Talk, would reportedly pay Mack around $27 million guaranteed over the first three years, with a provision that would allow Mack to, opt out after two years. The Browns will have five days to match the offer, or they will lose Mack without compensation.
Will the Browns keep Mack., a Pro Bowl center in the prime of his career, although he might prefer to play in Jacksonville?  That"s an interesting dilemma for the Browns, but if they lose Mack, expect their offensive line to suffer like the Ravens" did last season.
The loss of Birk probably did not get enough attention. He had been the quarterback of the Ravens" offensive lime. They missed Birk's ability to identify blitzes and to make the proper protection calls at the line of scrimmage. Gradkowski had never started before, and at times he was overwhelmed. There is a reason the Ravens acquired center Jeremy Zuttah last month in a trade with the Buccaneers. After last season, the Ravens knew they needed to get better at center.
Now the Browns must make an important decision. Keep Mack as the NFL"s highest-paid center, or find a way to replace him. As the Ravens learned last season, replacing a talented center is not easy.