Ex-Raven C. Williams stands by Pats are "cheaters" comment

Ex-Raven C. Williams stands by Pats are "cheaters" comment
August 6, 2014, 9:15 pm
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Cary Williams never much liked the Patriots when he played with the Ravens, and it sure seems that hasn't changed.

Williams, now in his second year with the Eagles, raised eyebrows over the weekend when he referred to the Patriots as "cheaters."

No, his account wasn't hacked. No, the quote wasn't taken out of context. Williams said on Wednesday that he stands by his comment.

"Did I say the wrong thing? No." Williams said, per the Wilmington News-Journal. "I stand firm on what my beliefs are, and that's just that. I didn't tell a lie. At the end of the day, that did happen. It's in the history books. As far as I'm concerned, I made a comment about it and that's that."

Williams didn't offer specifics, but one can presume he was referring to the Patriots Spygate scandal.

"I give them all the credit in the world," he told CSNphilly.com last week. "But one fact still remains: They haven’t won a Super Bowl since they got caught.”

The comments from Williams come as the Eagles and Patriots prepare for joint practices before their preseason game next week. Williams, who got thrown out of a practice with the Patriots last year for fighting, said he's not a fan of joint practices anyway, because it gives another team a free scouting report. But he especially opposes practicing with a team he has vilified since at least his years with the Ravens.

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The Eagles-Patriots preseason game will be at Gillette Stadium, where Williams is sure to draw plenty of venom from Patriots fans. Will the Patriots go after him as well?

"I don't care," Williams said. "That's the whole point. I don't care if they come after me or not. That doesn't scare me. My mentality is I've never been a punk, never been a sissy, never been a guy that's going to be a scared guy. I don't play this game in fear at all. I don't fear no man. As far as I'm concerned, you put your pants on as well as I put my pants on. We're going to man up when we get there."