The excitement of the start of training camp

The excitement of the start of training camp
July 19, 2013, 9:15 pm
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The excitement that the start of training camp brings to an NFL town is unlike any other in sports. 

In baseball, the teams go to Florida or Arizona, and in other sports, the camp is shorter. But now, even though the Ravens' training isn't open to the public as much as before, the fans still are waiting and excited.

Yes, the fact that the Ravens won the Super Bowl helps. However, this is such a football town that the Ravens could be 1-15 and there'd be excitement. That's just the way it is here. 

And that's one reason the Ravens -- and the Colts before them -- were so big. For whatever reason, this is a football town. No disrespect to the Orioles, but it's more of a football town.

The fans are both excited and curious about their defending champs taking the field for coach John Harbaugh. They want to see if quarterback Joe Flacco's the same now that he's got a big contract, and what running back Ray Rice looks like. 

What will the 2013 Ravens look like, be like and play like? Those are questions being discussed in a lot of bars and houses and cars now. Those questions probably won't get answered until some point during the regular season. 

However, one thing I read a long time ago answers this a bit. At the start of camp, every team is 0-0. It's a new start, a new beginning and a way to wipe the slate clean from 2012. That's something which makes everyone feel good everywhere.