Feeling Dick LeBeau's pain

Feeling Dick LeBeau's pain
February 21, 2013, 2:00 pm
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Pittsburgh defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau seems a bit peeved that the Ravens won the Super Bowl. 

The Baltimore Sun posted a blog yesterday with a link to an article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review  which said that "it hurts to see the Ravens win anything." LeBeau's reasoning for this? He felt the Steelers could have been there just as easily. 

Pittsburgh finished with an 8-8 record this year, and injuries truly crushed the Steelers. But LeBeau said in the Pittsburgh paper's article that he felt that all of the injuries the Steelers had this year really cost them, and they could have done just what the Ravens did.

“Do I feel we could have done the same thing they did? I do. I do,” LeBeau said in that article. “It didn't break that way.”

LeBeau said the difference between the two teams is that the Ravens got their key injured players back at the right time, and Pittsburgh didn't. 

“They got the right people back at the right time, and we continued to have more injuries, it seemed like,” LeBeau said in the Pittsburgh article. “Many times that decides it.”

The Ravens and Steelers have one of the NFL's best rivalries, and LeBeau probably just upped the ante a little bit with his remarks.