Flacco looks forward to throwing football indoors

Flacco looks forward to throwing football indoors
December 11, 2013, 3:15 pm
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Joe Flacco has played in a snowstorm, torrential rain, frigid conditions, and windy conditions this season. So when someone mentioned the thought of playing indoors at Detroit’s Ford Field on Monday Night Football, Flacco smiled. It will be the first game of his career in Detroit.

“I never make a big deal about playing outside, but every time you go into a dome and you start warming up, you realize how awesome it is to be able to throw the ball inside,” Flacco said Wednesday. “As a quarterback you always want great conditions. A dome obviously presents that. But we’re still going to have to go play fundamental football and take care of business.”

For the Ravens (7-6), taking care of business means continuing to win. With three games left, and battling for a playoff spot, Monday’s night’s matchup against the Lions (7-6) represents a pivotal matchup. Will the Ravens continue the momentum built by a three-game winning streak? Or will the Ravens continue to struggle on the road, where they are just 1-5?

Flacco has been a better quarterback at home than on the road. At home, he has 10 touchdown passes and six interceptions. On the road, he has eight touchdown passes and 11 interceptions. He admitted the Ravens’ road record was a concern, especially with two of the next three games on the road.

“We’re just not playing well enough consistently,” Flacco said. “Turnovers are always a big part of that. We’ve put ourselves in a lot of bad situations. I’m always a little bit surprised when our record away is so much different than our record at home. But going down the stretch here, I have all the confidence in the world that we’ll get it going and we’ll play some good games away.”

The Ravens will have to play better on the road, or it could cost them a playoff spot.