Flacco plans to stay busy before training camp

Flacco plans to stay busy before training camp
June 20, 2014, 9:30 am
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The Ravens have a break between now and training camp, but it won’t be total leisure time for quarterback Joe Flacco. He plans to stay both mentally and physically sharp, brushing up on his playbook and throwing regularly over the next four weeks.

“You only have a couple of weeks before you’re back here, and you have to keep your body in shape, you have to keep your mind sharp,” Flacco said Thursday on the final day of minicamp. “You can’t go home for the next four weeks and kind of zone out totally, because you’re going to forget stuff.

“I’ll pick up a football a lot during this time. Because when we come out here during training camp, we’re not going to ease into it; we’re going to be throwing who knows how many balls. So if I’m not home throwing, and throwing, and throwing, my arm’s not going to be in any kind of shape to last.”

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Flacco said wide receiver Torrey Smith is one teammate he may work with before training camp.

“Torrey is pretty local sometimes; his wife is up from my area,” Flacco said. “There are a couple of guys who are local that we’ll be able to probably meet up with a couple of times, but nothing much. The big thing for me is just to keep my arm active and get it in some kind of shape.”

Running a new offense, and coming of a disappointing 2013, Flacco is facing pressure to have a bounce back year. He is hoping a productive offseason translates into a better season in 2014.