Flacco possesses arm that hammers

Flacco possesses arm that hammers
June 30, 2013, 4:15 pm
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Now for today’s public service announcement, courtesy of Ravens tight end Ed Dickson. When quarterback Joe Flacco throws you a pass, watch out for your fingers.

“You’ve always got to make sure you have your hands at the right angles,” Dickson told The Sun’s Matt Vensel. “If you don’t, you’re definitely going to break your fingers dealing with Joe.”

And don’t expect an “I’m sorry” from the big-money QB.

“Joe is going to show no remorse,” Dickson said.

ESPN commentator Ron Jaworski, a former Eagles quarterback whose own reputation as a hard thrower earned him the nickname “The Polish Rifle,” puts the blue ribbon on Flacco’s arm.

“Maybe on a good day, [the Packers’] Aaron Rodgers can get to Flacco,” Jaworski said. “[The Lions’] Matthew Stafford has a big-time arm. [The Eagles’] Michael Vick can really spin it.”

Having said that, though, Jaworski concludes: “I believe [Flacco] does have the strongest arm in the NFL.”

But part of what has made Flacco so successful is his ability to back off on the speedometer when necessary, said Dickson’s running mate at tight end, Dennis Pitta.

“The last thing you want as a receiver is to be running 5 yards away from the quarterback and him throwing it like you’re 20 yards away,” Pitta said.

After all, as Spider-Man knows, with great power comes great responsibility. But that doesn’t mean you still better not watch those fingers.