Flacco: Ray Lewis speeches needed subtitles

Flacco: Ray Lewis speeches needed subtitles
August 24, 2013, 9:15 am
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Ray Lewis was a master motivator. His passionate, heart-on-his-shoulder-pads pregame speeches could rally his Ravens teammates, send their emotions soaring so that they would be ready to run through a wall on the way to the field.

As long as nobody tried to decipher what it was he actually said.

That’s the message from Joe Flacco. In a piece for ESPN The Magazine, Flacco told Kevin Van Valkenburg of a time the quarterback was asked by former offensive coordinator Cam Cameron about giving his own speech to fire up the offensive troops.

"That's not me," Flacco said. "I love Ray, and I love how he always spoke from the heart, but if you listened to those speeches, a lot of them didn't even make sense. He meant everything he was saying, but I didn't know what he was talking about 90 percent of the time."

Maybe Lewis is just easier to understand when he has dramatic music and footage playing behind him and he’s pushing a video game.